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This year we’re celebrating over 18 years of bringing people, places, and companies into the national spotlight. We’re award-winning researchers and producers bringing the best of the world’s greatest brands.

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The year is 2006. Shows like "How It's Made" and "Modern Marvels" are capturing imaginations. But in the midst of this, a father-and-son duo had a different idea. They didn't have a lot of money, but what they had was far more valuable: a vision. They saw a world saturated with promotional content, and they dared to go against the grain. They chose to focus on stories, not sales pitches. And guess what? People responded. World's Greatest wasn't just another show; it was a phenomenon.


Fast forward to 2008. World's Greatest starts featuring iconic brands, and the list goes on. The show wasn't just taking off; it was soaring.


The landscape is changing; streaming is the future. So what does World's Greatest do? They adapt. They evolve. They launch a streaming website, and their popularity skyrockets even further.


"World's Greatest!..." re-focuses the show and creates a more documentary style approach to the popular television series!


From businesses or technologies you have never heard of to Fortune 500 companies, World's Greatest Television Show goes behind the scenes to show you how they affect your lives, bringing you the most educational and entertaining content

Incredible Stories from Amazing Companies

Kyle Freeman

Kyle Freeman is the multi award-winning creator and Executive Producer of How2Media, and he has executive produced multiple series over his 25 + year career in television and film. Kyle and his father, Gordon Freeman, co-founded How2Media in 2006, and since then the company has produced a wide variety of TV and film projects, while fundamentally remaining an independent company telling transformative, informational stories. Kyle embraced online platforms and continued to deliver cutting-edge content on both streaming and terrestrial networks. He is a member of multiple television and film organizations and guilds, and a proud graduate of Georgia University. Currently a resident of West Palm Beach, he considers his greatest productions to date to be his daughters.

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Robert Baccarie

Robert "Roberto" Baccarie is an American television writer and producer known for producing numerous international, national, and regional television series such as "World's Greatest...", "The Best Of", and "Virginia's Diary". Born in 1969 in Providence, R.I., Robert studied Journalism and Broadcasting. He then began his career in advertising as a copywriter, graduated to writing and producing commercials, eventually producing short-form, mid-form, and long-form television. With 20 + years of professional experience in the television industry, Robert has produced thousands of projects in multiple genres, from reality TV to edutainment.

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Josh Kessler

Josh Kessler has been with How 2 Media since 2007, starting as a videographer and video editor, Josh is now the Chief Operating Officer. He plays a pivotal role in quality control, logistics, and oversees all television, film, and video-related projects. Over the years he has overseen thousands of successful projects, working directly with organizations ranging from household names such as Coca-Cola, Crest, and 3M, to government agencies, to municipalities.

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Jordan Hammond

Jordan Hammond has been How2Media’s Senior Production Accountant for the past 11 years. He is responsible for managing finances and maintaining financial records during all film and TV production, working closely with the producers and the production offices. Jordan’s job includes preparing schedules and budgets for film productions and managing the day-to-day accounting financial reporting against the budgets.

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