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Blake Surro


Blake Surro World's Greatest TV Show

Blake Surro

Journalist / Associate Producer 

Intern at How 2 Media


561-364-2648 Ext. 105


Date of Hire:

February 3rd, 2013

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A Bit About Blake Surro

I’ve been a journalist since 2013. I’m skillful whose work has appeared in a number of influential and well-read publications. From stories about the best private fitness gyms to offshore oil rigs halfway across the planet, I cover any story.  A native of South Florida, I’m a professional storyteller with the background and experience to cover a variety of newsworthy affairs. With an ability to draw viewers in with engaging and captivating narratives, I bring my balanced perspective and unique style to each one of my pieces. I also have a passion for video production where I serve as an intern a few hours per week at How 2 Media. As an intern, I am learning how to story-tell better on video. I love creative editing and learning how to be a pre-production producer. While my expertise is in television, I would love to be involved with more hands-on projects.  I love engaging with the projects I work on at How 2 Media, diving headfirst into the research, investigation, and production of the stories I feel are newsworthy. One of my favorite team members that I like working with is Senior Producer Robert Baccarrie. I can always count on him to push us to always go the extra mile.  I am a curious and proactive Journalist, interested in the latest digital media trends, and passionate about the future of online storytelling.




Associate Producer

2019 - Present


How 2 Media


2014 - 2019


2013 - 2014

Resonsible for researching, vetting, and interviewing companies and people for serious consideration to be on World's Greatest TV Show.

Video Production Intern at How 2 Media

Working with a team to narrow down the best candidates for World's Greatest TV Show.

Responsible for creating manageable lists of industry leaders, experts and innovators for Associate Producers.


We have to ask, why are you 100% off of social media?

You would be surprised if you truly learned how much time you spend on social media. The average person spends close to 2 hours per day on social media sites! All I hear from people is complaining that there isn't enough time in a day. Well, try quitting social media! Since I went completely dark, I have learned how to cook better, spend more time with my family, and even learned to play the guitar. Just think about what you could do with an extra 14 hours per week! Maybe a workout, or a fresh-cooked meal? The possibilities are endless. Join the movement!

Favorite place to visit in the world?

I couldn't say just one place. I have lived in Los Angeles, New York, Miami, Atlanta, Orlando and Palm Beach so I would just want to spend a month visiting all my friends.

Most memorable project at World's Greatest?

I couldn't narrow it down! However, I won't forget the time that I interviewed someone very famous in the Fortune 500 cooperate world. I had no idea who they were until they were featured on the show! I was embarrassed but that didn't stop me from talking to other high level executives. For me, it's all about the story and being able to see one of my stories on national television makes this line of work a passion not a job.

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