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The Battlegrounds for Winning More Business

When it comes to understanding how to beat the competition, KS&R is one of the world's most admired experts.

It all begins with the leadership to cast vision and expertise. Michael Nash, President of KS&R thinks better information leads to better understanding. He has over 30 years of expertise directing research that extended the product mix for key CPG brands. He hold's a Master's of Marketing Research (MMR) from the University of George.

KS&R staff exceeds 100 across various offices the United States.

Winning new business is highly competitive and not easy but likely if there is a focus across three key battlegrounds.

  1. Giving Value – are you creating a product or service that customers need, value, and is different from the competition?

  2. Persuading Prospects – are you able to establish trust and convince prospects that what you are offering is without a doubt the best option for their business?

  3. Making it Easy – when it comes to the purchasing method, are you making it effortless for your prospects to learn about pricing and contractual agreements, or are you making buying your product effortless?

KS&R's Strategic Win-Loss program involves ongoing interviews with decision-makers at prospect companies. They look at performance across every area in the prospect's purchase journey then provide recommended services and tools to increase the business's performance.

Deliverables Focus on Insights That Improve Sales

KS&R's Strategic Win-Loss deliverables focus on recognizing and driving actions. Business needs can include

  • Opportunity Precise Analysis – present in-depth insights on a particular sales opportunity as well as audio data and recorded transcripts of prospect interviews.

  • Macro & Trend AnalysisOpportunity Performance Reports (OPRs) online platforms that give real-time views of Win-Loss performance overall and across key markets; Macro Summary Reports (MSRs) aggregate Win-Loss findings on a quarterly or semi-annual basis to understand trends.

  • Outcomes ActivationActivation Workshops with organizational stakeholders to recognize and prioritize improvements.

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