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Ohio Paper Tube Company

Since the mid 1960s, Ohio Paper Tube has operated as a family-owned manufacturer of high quality, spiral-wound paper tube cores for a broad range of industrial and commercial applications, including product packaging, display, advertising, and protective enclosures.

Their customers in Ohio and the Midwest know us for their durable, reliable products and exceptional quality of service. At Ohio Paper Tube, they take great pride in the detail of the personal service they provide to each one of their customers, big or small. They specialize in working directly with customers to provide custom products to meet their special needs. This personal service and dedication to quality products at competitive prices are what have allowed us to grow through the years.

Every tube and core they manufacture is made to meet their customer’s job requirements, allowing us to serve a wide variety of markets and industries. They take pride in producing tubes and cores to your exact specifications. Let us know how they can create a paper tube to fit your needs.