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World's Greatest TV Show

Top 25 Most Inspirational Entrepreneurs on LinkedIn 2023


World's Greatest Television Show

December 01, 2022, 13:00 ET

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla., Dec. 1, 2022 /World’sGreatest/ -- World's Greatest, an award-winning National Television Series, announced today that they have recently awarded 25 LinkedIn Leaders as the most influential leaders on LinkedIn in 2023.

"Endorsing these top 25 leaders was a matter of skillful selection. To compile the list, we used a combination of qualitative and quantitative signals — including engagement (including reactions, comments and shares across each member’s content) " says Executive Producer Robert Baccarie.

Below you’ll find this year’s standout voices featuring entrepreneurship, just 25 of the hundreds of Top Voices highlighted around the world. They have made huge strides in their business and personal growth that serves their customers. 

World's Greatest TV Show is celebrating 16 years on being on National Television. World's Greatest is a thirty minute show dedicated to highlighting the world's greatest companies, products, places, and people. Each show is a fast paced tour around the world featuring behind the scenes footage, informative interviews, and exciting visuals.

World’s Greatest is an award winning 21st Century television program company. Their show airs on the Bloomberg network every Saturday at 3:30 PM on National Television. For more information about World’s Greatest TV Show and their show lineup, please visit their TV Schedule.

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Sibel Terhaar

Author | Top 50 Most Impactful People on Linkedin | Founder of Chasing KINDNESS

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Brigette Hyacinth

Author of Leading the Workforce of the Future  Keynote Speaker 

Amer Kayyal

Visionary Leader - We rise by lifting others - Show Director - Freelancer - Hit Follow

Shawn Nason


Jerin Hossain

+1.1 Million Followers on LinkedIn | Global influencer | Online-Entrepreneur |Apparel | Digital transformer| Business Owner | I help the Businesses & Products go BIG

Rania Zervalaki Patrona

Brand Marketing Consultant·Content Provider·Executive LinkedIn Coach. Always here to help you build awareness for your startups, uplift the visibility of your brand & assist you in learning to fly high & make an impact.

Dr. Elizabeth Lindsey

National Geographic Explorer, Global Diversity Influencer, UN Visionary Award, TED Speaker, Award-winning Filmmaker

Navin Goyal MD

Pioneering investing by prioritizing healthy mindsets, diverse investing habits, and social impact. Generating wealth that never sleeps.

Alexei Navolokin

FOLLOW ME for breaking tech news & content - helping usher in tech 2.0 - at AMD for a reason w/ purpose - LinkedIn persona

Sanjiv Beri

The Influencer Star Maker. ONE DROP. CREATING A RIPPLE EFFECT | $500M+ generated revenue | DIGITAL MARKETING | META | AMAZON | GOOGLE. Join My Exclusive Mastermind for exponential growth - DM Me

Blake Woolwine

I've fast-tracked $500M+ in revenue for my clients. I skyrocket their profitability by rethinking their marketing strategies for a massive increase in ROI. CMO @ YOUR ONE-STOP-SHOP AGENCY. My hobby is making people smile.

Nazanin Bigdeli

I Am a Bridge to Great Futures from painful pasts. I am New Beginnings Coach. My work and energy are powerful. Raising vibrations is my superpower.

Uche Azodo, M.D.

Private equity - Healthcare - Optionality

Lisa Lewis

* Prosperity & Empowerment Coach * CFO * Multifamily RE Investor * Asker of POWERFUL Questions * Creator of Possibilities * Speaker * ProcessPro Expert * Always Ready to Help YOU Create an Extraordinary Life!

Dianna Wilusz

Vice President People Experience & Operations<>Strategic Success Coach<>Process Optimization<>Entrepreneur to Founder to CEO to Board Chair<>Team Culture Advocate<>Private Pilot<>Golf Instructor<>Adventurer

Sondra Harmon

Join my LIVE Coffee Breaks to take a break from the stress of doing & achieving and to fall in love with your life (and the important people in it) again. Women, please DM me to join an exclusive community.

Michael J. Vigeant

Innovative Entrepreneur & Leader in Market Research

Brian Burke

I’ve bought $51M+ in Apple products in my life - Can I buy your used Apple devices?

David Citron

Got ADHD? Turn it into a Superpower in 4 min/day DM "Yes" for Discovery Call

Mari Vasan

I Help High-Achieving Women Dissolve Stress & Emotional Baggage, Supercharge Their Confidence & Achieve Their Dreams. Use Your Subconscious: Make Your 2nd Half Your Best Half. Women’s Midlife Transformation Expert.

Deepa R Jain

Successful Woman Entrepreneur in the Premium Home Furnishings Segment for 3 Decades. Mentoring Women to Break the Glass Ceiling in Business. Avid Horticulturist.

Charles (Chuck) Rinker

Human-AI Innovator

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