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What we require from candidates before being considered to be on our show. Our team of producers is very thorough. Less than 5% of companies make it past the interview.


Being on our show has its perks. Hundreds of companies pitch us on why they are the World's Greatest. Are you the next World's Greatest?


Where can I find the airtime and television schedule?

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What are the business costs to be on World’s Greatest TV Show?

World’s Greatest TV Show is NOT a Pay for Play. No one can pay or buy their way onto the show. It is earned media: we research, interview, and fact-check every company that we consider featuring on our show. We do not allow any company to “buy” their way onto our show. Featured Companies must be able to meet a wide variety of requirements, each of which is thoroughly explained during the casting process. Our process is thorough and if you’re seeing a company featured on our show, you can be sure that they have been carefully vetted. Paying a fee to purchase a spot on television is referred to as a "Pay for Play" and typically involves little to no vetting or evaluation. The term applies to groups who purchase television airtime, much like infomercials, to have their point of view heard on major stations. Some producers pay for airtime in various markets called pay-for-play which is typical among religious broadcasters or televangelism.If you think you are the next World’s Greatest, visit our casting application for your chance to pitch yourself directly to World’s Greatest casting department. Tell us why you, your friends or family or business should have your own show!

Someone said they were an Associate Producer and Journalist from World’s Greatest TV Show and asked if we would like to be interviewed and considered to be on the show. Is this a media scam?

If you feel you have been scammed, immediately hang up the phone and call our headquarters at 561-364-2648 to verify the producer(s) researching your industry. Our website developers work very hard to insure that In addition, immediately follow up with

Core Show Requirements

What is the timing element requirement?

The most important requirement is the timing element. Once a company is chosen to be on the show until the airing of the show there is a 12 week period. There will be 6 weeks of pre-production, a full day of filming and 6 weeks of post production. Companies that can not guarantee us that they can meet these requirements will be immediately disqualified from being considered to being on the show.

What is the executive leadership requirement?

We require some form of executive leadership to act as a on-screen spokesperson. We could have several people speak on camera, but one of them must be an executive. Companies that can not guarantee us that they can meet these requirements will be immediately disqualified from being considered to being on the show.

Core Show Guarantees

What is the Entertainment Rights Guarantee?

Any company that is selected to be on the show is guaranteed the entertainment rights or rights to the footage. After the show airs, the companies that are on the program get a hard drive with the finished segment that aired on television along with the full, and final rights to it. If the company wants to put it on their website, use it at a trade show or market themselves with it in any way, they do not have to check with our legal department because the footage will be their property. As long as the footage is not used in any way that is illegal or in any way that will negatively reflect on the show.

Do you provide the RAW & unused video and audio footage?

We give the company that was selected a drive of all of the b-roll that was filmed on set to use or repurpose however they like as long as it is not used illegally or in any manner that would negatively reflect on the show.

Do you Guarantee Exclusivity?

We guarantee exclusivity to any company that appears on the show. What that means is that we are not going to show another similar company in the same episode to our viewers.

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