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World's Greatest TV Show

World's Greatest TV Show


Richard DiPilla


Richard Dipilla is one of the world's most sought-after business leaders with over 50 years of executive corporate experience working for Berkshire Hathaway.  With over 1.4 million engaged followers on LinkedIn, Richard is connected with some of the world's most influential leaders and is recognized as one of the top LinkedIn influencers. He is the Chairman of Global Goodwill Ambassadors Foundation and Executive Producer for World's Greatest TV Show.

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Doug Manuel


Ex-BBC documentary producer, and creator of ‘Do You Speak Djembe?’ an award winning stage show, Doug has over 25 years of experience speaking at corporate conferences around the globe on the theme of purpose driven engagement and collaboration. He has an impressive Fortune 500 client list that includes Oprah Winfrey. Richard DiPilla invited Doug to become an Executive Producer to oversee the selection process and ensure that featured organizations have a healthy culture and operate from a place of high integrity. Learn more about Doug by visiting

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Robert Baccarie


Roberto Baccarie is an American television writer and producer known for national and regional television projects such as "World's Greatest...", "The Best Of", and others. Born in 1969 in Providence, RI, he studied Journalism and Broadcasting, began his career in advertising and copy-writing, graduated to writing and producing commercials, and eventually producing short-form, mid-form and long-form television. With 20 plus years of professional experience in the television industry, Robert has produced hundreds of projects in multiple genres, from reality TV to edutainment.

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