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World's Greatest TV Show has been known for 17 years as introducing the world to some of the world's greatest companies in a perfectly timed 3-minute segment. Our segments tell their story well in a world where the average attention span decreases alarmingly. 

World's Greatest TV Show receives dozens of requests for documentaries each month. We only produce between 3-4 documentaries annually because we uphold our award-winning track record. Each documentary requires a tremendous amount of planning and production. Jet Kaiser directs all of our documentaries. 

We rarely produce documentaries without a selection process. Our producers need to have a positive experience working companies on World's Greatest. We need to be sure that the story is there to win awards, the topic is intriguing for today's audience, and the companies have the investment in hand.

Documentaries are funded by investors who want their employees and customers to see their names in the credits when shown independent theaters worldwide and in some cases going viral on social media. They proudly display a movie poster with awards and nominations for decades. Documentaries and the right marketing strategies drive massive revenue from the PR, Red Carpet Premiere Party, and the Netflix quality footage. Often companies self-fund these documentaries to have complete control and ownership of the distribution. A short film documentary investments range from $75,000 - $500,000 depending on the film's length, where we are filming, and the length between 5 and 30 minutes. 

Do you have a story the world needs to hear and the investment? Reach out to our lead to schedule an interview.

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