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World's Greatest announces that Approved Fitness has been recognized as one of the best nonprofits of 2021.

 Awarded a "Show Favorite" Nonprofit


How 2 Media Productions

March 23, 2021, 13:00 ET


BOYNTON BEACH, Fla., March 23, 2021 /How2Media/ -- How 2 Media, the producers of the television show World's Greatest TV Show announced today that they have recently awarded Approved Fitness s as one of the best nonprofits of 2021.

"Whether you are an avid fitness enthusiast, trying to lose weight, build muscle, or any other fitness related goals, everyone wants to know what lies behind the curtain when it comes to signing a contract with a gym. We evaluate and verify gyms that can uphold the highest standards and can prove that member's safety, experience and results come first." says Blake Woolwine, Founder


By displaying the Approved Fitness badge, the paintball operators promise to provide a safe and fair gym atmosphere and experience to their current and guest gym members.  

As part of the show, How 2 Media researched hundreds of new nonprofits that were launched in 2021 to find out what the story behind the story is with this great and growing organization, and to show why Certified CLean Safe Gyms was selected as the best in their category.

World's Greatest TV Show is a thirty minute show dedicated to highlighting the world's greatest companies, products, places, and people. Each show is a fast paced tour around the world featuring behind the scenes footage, informative interviews, and exciting visuals.

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Blake Woolwine, Founder

I started this organization for one purpose and one purpose only. I wanted to encourage every man, woman, and child to exercise no matter what obstacles they are facing. 

In high school, I was a popular star athlete but after a traumatic event in my early 20's, I fell into a paralyzing depression and gained 100lbs. 

In 2016, I discovered Crossfit which forever changed my life. I tried it out because my family had not stopped raving about the class environment workouts and I went just to prove to them that exercise is hopeless for me. 

By 2018, I had not only lost 50lbs but I also gained my confidence back. I was motivated to take on new challenges and expand my thinking. It wasn't until 2020 that the same doctors who diagnosed me with high functioning autism told me that it was a misdiagnosis and were dumbfounded to find out that consistent exercise was the cure. 

Today, I am an average person that exercises to keep my mind and body strong so that I can be the best version of myself.

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SOURCE: Josh Kessler